New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction



The overall objective of the CINDERELA is to unlock the potential for a resource-efficient urban and peri- urban construction sector by developing new circular business model CinderCEBm using SRM based construction products produced from different waste streams within urban and peri-urban area. By combining different waste streams and utilization of CinderOSS service the project aims to create new more sustainable market and new consumption pattern in construction sector. This includes the recovery of construction & demolition waste, certain industrial wastes, inert heavy fraction from municipal solid waste (i.e. heavy fraction) and sewage sludge from waste water treatment for production of recycled aggregates, manufactured aggregates, recycled soil and building composites (i.e. tailored mixtures made from the above-mentioned recycled wastes in different combinations and ratios). CinderOSS service will comprise four different modules, including ICT and BIM support platform for creating a digital business ecosystem to improve the whole value and supply chain and thus, more efficiently including actors, relevant stakeholders and building end-users confidence.

Thursday 05 July 2018 - Last edit: Friday 31 August 2018