New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Demo 2: Pilot production of SRM based construction products

State-of-the art

Some recycled materials such as construction and demolition waste, a few types of manufactured aggregates, i.e. slag aggregate and foundry sand have already been partly used in some European countries in construction, though in relatively small quantities and mainly for low grade applications.

The potential of many other materials from municipal waste treatment, especially numerous industrial waste, sewage sludge and inert heavy fraction from municipal waste still remains unused, in particular when taking into consideration their immense possibilities in terms of mass flows and synergic effects for production of new construction composites.

Recycled aggregates © photo IETU

CINDERELA approach

Pilot production demonstrations will comprise utilisation of the identfied waste streams, such as construction and demolition waste, excavated soil, industrial wastes, sewage sludge and intert heavy fraction from municipal waste for production of SRM based construction products. 

Wastes will be handed over by polluters and treated with a different combination of physical (mainly grinding, mixing and sewing), chemical (hydraulic/pozzolanic remediation) and biological technologies. The specific combination of technologies used for each product will vary with regard to waste availability, its composition and intended end-use of the product.

The pilot demonstration plant will be both modular and mobile. The recovery process will produce four types of construction products: recycled aggregates, manufactured aggregates, recycled soil and building composites. The use of all these materials will be demonstrated in large-scale construction demonstration as described below in DEMO 3. Additionally, new ways of production of SRM based construction products via 3D printing will be demonstrated in Marineterrein Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Main results

  • a modular and mobile pilot production plant for recycled and manufactured aggregates, recycled soils and building composites at NIGRAD facility in Dogoše, Maribor (Slovenia);
  • a modular and mobile pilot production for recycled and manufactured aggregates and building composites in Umag (Croatia);
  • a pilot production of recycled and manufactured aggregates, reycled soils and building composites at linked party of AEDHE, CTC Servicios and pilot production of bricks at their subcontractor;
  • a pilot 3D printing production of urban furniture.