New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction


CinderOSS is a One-Stop-Shop service that makes the use of SRM-based construction products resulting from CinderCEBM more transparent, traceable and attractive to users: i.e. investors, companies, local administrations and decision makers at local and regional levels.


  • provides a digital environment enabling setting of circular business models depending on local/regional conditions together with information on SRM availability and the associated stakeholders;
  • delivers evidence-based knowledge on the enabling framework conditions for design, production and use of SRM-based construction materials;
  • helps build confidence in SRM-based construction materials by providing reliable test data on their performance based on testing protocols meeting the construction sector’s requirements.

Production & Construction:

Information on producing and using circular construction materials in construction works, including associated BIM-libraries and quality control

Market & Legislation

Services related to developing demand-side measures and administrative/legislative procedures for working with SRM-based construction products.

Research & Development

Knowledge on existing and upcoming recycling and construction technologies that can boost or harm your business idea.

Digital Business Ecosystem

An interactive communication platform for matchmaking potential business partners, customers and other potential stakeholders and materials trading.