New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Demo 4: Construction of a building with SRM-based materials

Construction of a building with SRM-based materials

In Maribor (Slovenia) a one storey facility will be built with the use of SRM-based construction products. The facility will include a larger room for carrying out presentations and workshops, a laboratory, two office rooms, toilet facilities and a stairway to the roof. The floor and the walls will be made of green concrete with the use of recycled aggregates. The foundation floor will be prepared and fortified with the use of recycled soil; thermal insulation under the foundation will be made out of recycled brick or glass.

In Skopje (Macedonia), construction of a building with SRM-based materials will take place. Partition walls will be constructed with the prefabricated modular concrete blocks. 176 prefabricated modular concrete blocks with dimensions 160x80x80cm and 8 blocks with dimensions 80x80x80 will be made. About 368 t of aggregate will be used for their production, and white industrial slag will be used as a binder.

In Madrid (Spain), a small facility will be constructed as a ground floor building. It will serve as the main control room for delivery of waste and entrance to the waste treatment plant. The construction materials will include construction elements (doors and windows) and recycled aggregates recovered from the demolition of an existing building.