New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Demo 2: Production of SRM construction products for building and civil engineering applications

Production of SRM construction products

Three pilot production plants of SRM-based construction products in Maribor (Slovenia), Umag (Croatia) and Madrid – Henares corridor (Spain) will be built as part of the CinderCEBM demonstration.
In these pilot plants different types of wastes (CDW, remains from the treatment of municipal wastes and industrial wastes) will be recycled into SRM-based construction products, i.e. recycled and manufactured aggregates, recycled soil and building composites (e.g. green concrete from recycled and manufactured aggregate, geotechnical composites using sewage sludge and other wastes, recycled soil from selective excavation of soil, etc). These SRM-based construction products will be used in construction pilot demonstrations.

All pilot plants will be modular and mobile with capacity of average 10,000 tons per year and a maximum of 70 tons per day. They will be a combination of crushing, screening and mixing devices combined depending on the type of the final product. In order to demonstrate the business case and technical feasibility, a large scale construction pilot with SRM-based construction products will be implemented. The construction living labs will be established Maribor (Slovenia), Umag (Croatia) and Madrid – Henares corridor (Spain) The demonstrations include geotechnical works (link), construction of building (link) and infrastructure (link). Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool will be utilized to support all phases of construction work, from the preliminary planning of work to the facility management and planning of deconstruction. For each of the projects, case-study analyses – clash detection, quantity take-offs, 4D (i.e. model-based time planning), 5D (i.e. model-based time and cost planning), and 6D facility maintenance (i.e. model-based maintenance planning) will be performed.