New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction


The pilot demonstrations of CINDERELA serve as a test track for proving the applicability of the individual elements of the circular business model and the CinderOSS service under different functional and systemic environments.

  • Phosphorous (P) is one of 27 CRM in Europe for which supply security is at risk and economic importance is high. Therefore, its recovery is demanded and may create circular business opportunities also in the context of utilising waste streams generated by municipal services such as wastewater treatment for SRM-based construction products.

  • As part of the pilot demonstrations of our CINDERELA project (H2020), we established the pilot production plants in Maribor (Slovenia), Madrid (Spain) and Skopje (North Macedonia). With the pilot production plants, we aim to demonstrate the technical, technological, and administrative possibilities of processing and using of various non-hazardous construction as well as some other waste types to produce more sustainable construction products.

  • The largest quantity of SRM-based construction products replacing virgin materials can be utilised in the case of different geotechnical works.

  • In Maribor (Slovenia) a one storey facility will be built with the use of SRM-based construction products.

  • SRM-based construction products developed in the CINDERELA project can successfully replace virgin materials and decrease environmental impacts of road construction / maintenance works.

  • 3D printing of street furniture with recycled plastics from municipal solid waste is another demonstration of innovative technology and use of materials within the CINDERELA project.