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Bexel Consulting

BEXEL Consulting is a modern IT, construction engineering and consulting company. Our BIM management and consulting services support the whole life cycle of the construction process - starting from the design phase, which includes quality control and design coordination - through planning and budgeting - tender preparation, bid evaluation, 4D/5D simulations, and construction schedule analysis; progress monitoring with detailed tracking of project KPIs - right up to the commissioning and handover of the facility, planning and monitoring of the facility maintenance - all within an integrated BIM platform which is one of our biggest advantages. We have provided our services on over five million square meters of complex projects Europe, Middle East, North & Central America construction markets. Our projects portfolio includes football stadiums, large residential and commercial blocks such shopping malls and five-star hotels, as well as infrastructure, industrial and metro projects.

Bexel Manager / is an innovative BIM software platform for construction process management that integrates the most important 3D/4D/5D/6D applications of BIM technology. With the Bexel Manager, it is possible to create various analyzes such as clash detection and quantity takeoffs; conduct 4D location-based scheduling, critical path analysis; assigning cost data to BIM elements creating 5D estimations such as bill of quantities and cash flow analysis; facility maintenance plans and reporting.

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Involvement in the project Bexel Consulting brings the knowledge and experience in BIM consulting to multiple CINDERELA work packages, since BIM methodology is dedicated to lowering and management of waste in construction industry. Bexel is contributing in envisioning the BIM aspect of the CEBM, structure, procedures and benefits of the BIM Library in the ICT platform, as well as the structure of the individual BIM Families and the information needed to be included into it. Also, Bexel will work on the BIM models and all accompanying BIM analyses for the demonstration projects relevant to the new SRM-based construction products — design review and conflicts analysis, quantification and procurement, 4D and 5D simulations and 6D maintenance planning, as well as comparative analyses to standard, traditional construction projects. BIM models together with the analyses will be used to communicate the benefits of the new SRM-based products, shown from every aspect and phase of a construction project — in the planning,
construction and maintenance phase. The actual as-built construction information will be incorporated into the BIM model, to show both planned vs. actual results and prepare the information for distribution. The BIM model families will be the included in the BIM library within the CinderOSS platform. We will be utilizing Bexel Manager BIM platform / for 3D/4D/5D/6D analyses, which is summarized in the Company Description section.