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CINDERELA at INT-MET Clustering Conference in Seville

CINDERELA poster presented during summary conference of INTMET poject.

On 23rd January in Seville the INTMET project (Integrated innovative metallurgical system to benefit efficiently polymetallic, complex and low-grade ores and concentrates) presented its three years results for the development of a new and efficient technology to deal with low-grade, complex ores, combining innovative hydrometallurgical processes (atmospheric, pressure and bioleaching) and novel more effective metals extraction techniques.

Lidia Gullon, FGP - presenting CINDERELA poster

Representatives from the European Commission, Andalusia (Spain) and Alentejo (Portugal), and the mining industry contributed to the conference to foster the technological innovation in the region.
CINDERELA consortium was invited to present the project during the poster session.

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