New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

CINDERELA mentioned at webinar on Circular Economy Cooperation between Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) and EU cities

This stakeholder consultation webinar enabled representatives from the government, private sector, research and civil society to dialogue with experts from European cities and organisations on the subject matter. Participants were also exploring how city-to-city cooperation with European pairs will support the transition of Petaling Jaya to a circular city.

Patrick Maurelli from CITERA at Sapienza University in Rome focused on Construction & Demolition Waste (CDW) and introduced basic figures worldwide, explaining that most of the CDW in the world is lost and not recycled.

He introduced few best practices from projects supported by the European Union, including CINDERELLA for new business models including a secondary raw materials (SRM) market. He also showcased start-ups like Atlante Inerti, which designs SRM-based products.

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Thursday 02 July 2020