New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

CINDERELA presented at a webinar "Integrated planning - Beyond energy-related sectors"

On 22nd of June 2020 a webinar organised by the European Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office and CEMR "Integrated planning - Beyond energy-related sectors: embracing a systemic approach to deliver impactful results" took place.

During the webinar a deputy major of Municipality of Maribor, dr. Samo Peter Medved, presented CINDERELA project as an example of one of the successful experiences led in Maribor in the field of waste at local level and helping in formulation of integrated policies to create synergies between different fields: of waste, water, air quality, food management and biodiversity in the cities.

Based on existing integrated strategies implemented at local level in signatory cities, the presentations provided participants with an overview of the challenges of integrated planning strategies, how to tackle them and to what extent it contributes in achieving climate neutrality.


Monday 03 August 2020