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CINDERELA project presentation for ANEFA

On 18th June 2019 the Quality Committee meeting of ANEFA (National Association of Aggregates Manufacturers) took place, in the FGP lab facilities.

The Quality Committee is the forum for discussion and regulatory review that analyses the trends in manufacturing and research in the aggregates sector on a regular basis.

The Committee conducts monitoring, analysis and preparation of proposals documents for the aggregates sector based on initiatives related to quality regulation and promoted by the different National and European Administrations as well as the European Standardization Committees.

The meeting took place at the facilities of the Official Laboratory for the Testing of Construction Materials of the Gómez Pardo Foundation, which is a member of the Association, and at the same time, had the opportunity to introduce the CINDERELA research project to the attendees, thanks to Mr. Santiago Rosado presenting the poster of the project and explaining the targets and challenges of the project.

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Friday 05 July 2019