New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Slum Development Using Zero Waste Concepts

The rapid urbanization of the last century caused more slum formations resulting in numerous adverse effects and is considered a major problem facing developing countries. 

This paper touches on the complexities of sustainable slum development specially dealing with slum dwellers in a trial to enhance their capacities and potential. Teaching them new skills through a “Learn to Earn Program”, will help them generate income and turn the slum into a catalyst for the economy rather than a burden on it.

Another major problem in developing countries nowadays is waste accumulation. Zero waste strategy dictates that waste has to move from a linear system to being more cyclical according to cradle to cradle approach so that materials are used efficiently. Construction waste, representing a huge part of the solid waste stream, is emphasized in this case study.

The objective of this paper is providing an integrated solution for developing countries that combines efforts in slum development and zero waste management to achieve a higher impact on the local community and on the national level. This presents a sustainable solution for the problem of slums while at the same time solving the problem of construction waste accumulation using zero waste strategy


Thursday 05 July 2018