New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Building the circular business model

Enterpreneurs need a solid framework for creating and innovating circular business models that combine economical profit with environmental and social value. As business is more than a value proposition, CINDERELA develops a unique one-stop shop service called CinderOSS. The tool is mainly fitted for setting up business models involving processing of waste into construction products and their application.

Compared to traditional business models, a circular business model offers many different opportunities and dependencies. CinderOSS will help in finding them by providing a variety of circular business models together with regional information on the availability of resources and the associated stakeholders. With this information, entrepreneurs will be able to match the aspects of their region with the right circular business idea. Moreover, CinderOSS will guide entrepreneurs through the different parts of running circular business and provide custom fitted information. For entrepreneurs that have already found a business model, this information will help better structure and improve it.

CinderOSS will be therefore split into four main modules:

  1. Production & Construction: information on producing and using circular construction materials in construction works , including associated BIM-libraries and quality control
  2. Research & Development: knowledge on existing and upcoming recycling and construction technologies that can boost or harm your business idea.
  3. Market & Legislation: services related to developing demand-side measures and administrative/legislative procedures for working with SRM-based construction products.
  4. Digital Business Ecosystem: an interactive communication platform where one can meet potential business partners, customers and other potential stakeholders and also trade materials.
  5. CinderOSS will be further optimized using the data from the large scale demonstrations of the CINDERELA project as well as feedback from stakeholders. To help the EU construction sector in circular economy business modelling using CINDERELA business model aided by CinderOSS, a training toolkit will also be provided.