New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Design, development and testing

CINDERELA is primarily focused on SRM based construction products for civil engineering and geotechnical works with the application of such secondary raw materials as:

  • recycled aggregates
  • hydraulically unbound construction composites
  • hydraulically bound building composites
  • recycled soil

For the recycled wastes, CINDERELA will define a set of end-of-waste criteria based on their intended use. As a measure stimulating the demand side of the CINDERELA business model, the criteria will be incorporated into the CinderOSS.

New SRM based construction materials such as green concrete, composite building materials ( e.g. bituminous mixtures, unbound and hydraulically bound layers etc.), organic top soil layers will be prototyped and tested according to the technical specifications relevant for their intended final use. The test data will serve a double purpose: firstly to design the modular as well as mobile pilot production plants for recycled and manufactured aggregates, building composite materials and recycled soils in the large scale demos in Slovenia, Macedonia and Spain, secondly to populate the BIM library.

It will enable the use of the BIM tool for developing models and construction simulations with the use of SRM based products in real environments under the CINDERELA pilot demonstrations as well as showcasing the added value of using SRM based construction materials against traditional raw material based products.