New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Environmental, economic & social assessment

ETo ensure that the use of the business model delivers not only economic but also environmental and social added value, CinderCEBM will be assed using life cycle approach including LCA and related methods such as Social LCA and Life Cycle Costing to drive business improvement in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects at all stages of a SRM based construction products’ life. These comprehensive assessments will provide information on the full range of risks and opportunities for reducing the impacts across the value chain. It will also help to evaluate how the new solutions proposed in the CinderCEBM stand in comparison with the current "business as usual" situation in terms of environmental added value, economic viability and social implications including social acceptance, development and job creation.

To facilitate their marketability, confirm innovation and performance together with the environmental benefits , new SRM based construction products will also be assessed using the environmental technology verification (ETV) approach.