New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction


CINDERELA One-Stop Shop (CinderOSS) is a complete digital business environment providing  a variety of services to actors involved in value chains for urban construction works with the use of secondary raw materials (SRM) recovered from local/regional waste streams.

CinderOSS services are to:

  • simplify the process of developing circular business models  for construction companies,
  • enable locally/regionally developed business value chains based on available secondary raw materials,
  • help generate strong, quality B2B partnerships with local/regional partners.

CinderOSS will cover the whole user journey: from information on how to set your circular business in local environment, information on legal requirements and administrative procedures, information on waste and material flows, certification and testing needs, sustainable construction products application, innovation, to a digital market place for businesses matchmaking.

Our 2-hour workshop is aimed at making a comprehensive presentation and collecting prospective users feedback about the overall concept of CinderOSS and some of its most advanced features and tools like a Digital Market Place, BIM modelling with SRM-based construction products and mass flow analysis.

There are already a number of digital market and business platforms dedicated to construction sector. Many of them promise to provide exceptional value to multiple types of users. However most of them often fail to be successful, as prospective users reasonably fear wasting time and resources signing up for a service that may fail to gain traction. Furthermore, once a useful link between users has established, users tend to leave the platform as it has served its purpose.

The CINDERELA One-Stop- Shop is to be different. It is to be THE digital business environment for making the European construction sector circular.  But we need user feedback!

  • Are you a construction company interested to start working with secondary raw material based products but face issues with convincing your clients about their use?
  • Are you a manufacturer of construction materials seeking new business based on waste-to-resource opportunities but you do not know where to seek for these resources?
  • Is your company or utility generating waste streams that could be the source of secondary raw materials for construction but you do not know how to handle them with profit?
  • Are you a company dealing with waste collection and transport interested to be a part of a new value chain and get new clients?
  • Are you a policy maker that wants to see the waste-to-resource possibilities in your and other regions, but lacks the crucial overview?

CINDERELA One-Stop-Shop will satisfy these concerns by building credible expectations for its future success.

It will combine new technologies like the GIS supported Geodesign Decision Support Environment (GDSE), digital tools for automated marketing including generating quality B2B leads,  contacts management and finally access to legal and market information, best practices and most recent innovation developments.  All tailored to the specific user needs.

Our platform is to be unique in that sense, but your opinion and expectations as a prospective user may be different. And we want to hear them!

Save the date. CINDERELA One-Stop- Shop may soon help you make your business successfully circular! Therefore your voice counts.

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