New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction


Leadax is the world's first lead substitute with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax has no harmful effects on health and the environment. Leadax is a circular lead replacement with the appearance and price of conventional lead strips. The strips are made from recycled PVB.
LCA -> 31% less impact on environment compared to conventional lead strips Leadax Roof covering: LCA -> 80% less impact on environment compared to bitumen roof covering & ± 13x less CO2 / m2 compared to bitumen.

Leadax is de eerste en enige loodvervanger ter wereld welke door KIWA is gecertificeerd en zet hiermee de standaard

[170202] glass
Product Value Chain by step of production
StepProvide quantity and activity
Waste recycling Protection glas disposal (PVB) in EU; 1,5 mton pvb/year
Recycling/recovery of pvb
Production of circualr leadax strip & circular roof covering materials
Application: dsitributors in the contruction sector
Sales and metrics show business model holds and can scale
System proven through successful operation
Market introduction to the expressed need on the market
Recycle PvB waste into a new product to replace primary material of lead
Principles Circular Product Design
Design products that exist out of materials that can easily be recycled
Alternatives, Competitors
Distribution - Forward Logistics
Dual Distribution: Producer, Wholesaler -> Wholesaler, Retailer, Consumer
Revenue Streams - Product
Pay per product
Key Resources - Resources used for the production
PVB: Polyvinylbufural, PVB is the film that is used in laminated glass (for example car windows and safety glass).
Cost structure
Possible deposit system on leadax strips


Monday 20 April 2020 - Last edit: Monday 20 December 2021