New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Asociación de Empresarios del Henares

AEDHE is a non-profit, territorial and multisector Business Association founded in September 1977, becoming one of the pioneer and most influential territorial business associations in the Region of Madrid. It is composed of more than 500 Entrepreneurs and Companies of all sectors and sizes with an associative and collaborative vocation, being its natural scope of action the 17 municipalities that shape the Henares´ Corridor, eastern area of the Region of Madrid.
Specific capabilities that AEDHE brings as a partner to the CINDERELA project are articulated around the activity of two of its Commissions:

  • Committee on Innovation, Emerging Technologies and ICT. Its objective is to promote knowledge about the Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) processes, establishing these as the backbone of the company's operations in order to achieve the required levels of competitiveness in more global markets. In addition, to encourage the use of ICTs and the development of effective channels of technology transfer, knowledge and good practices.
  • Committee on Industry, Energy, Competitiveness and Environment. The industry continues to play an unquestionable role as economic engine of the area, addressing among its goals:
    • Improve business competitiveness
    • Access funding
    • Internationalization
    • Improve productivity through the control of productive costs, logistics, energy, etc.
C/ Punto Net 4, 2º (28805 – Alcalá de Henares, SPAIN)
+34 91 889 50 61
Contact personPhoneE-mailRole
IGNACIO VILELA +34 616 528 190 [email protected] R&D and International Area
ALEJANDRO BERNABÉ +34 636 054 769 [email protected] R&D and International Area
Involvement in the project - Identify enterprises with capabilities for the development of the different pilot programs.
- Seek the support of public and private institutions interested in the results of the project.
- Execution of the demonstrations (supporting to its third parties in demo 2 and supervision of the builder in demo 3-4-5)
- Disseminate the results of the project within the scope of influence of AEDHE in the region of Madrid.
- Collaborate in the arrival to market of the SRM products resulting from the different pilot programs.
- Provide access to the degraded area for restoring, and be in charge of the needed licenses for the demo 3-4-5.