New Circular Economy Business Model for More Sustainable Urban Construction

Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas

Established in 1972, the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU) is an R&D unit acting under the Ministry of Environment. IETU has a wide experience in development of environmental policy, strategic management and policy tools for sustainable development at different levels for the needs of state administration as well as regional and local governments including the area of waste management and prevention, urban planning and site revitalization, circular use of land, investigations of urban ecosystems and climate change, strategic environmental impact assessments of policies. IETU scientists have a unique in depth knowledge on waste streams and waste systems generated in urban and per-urban areas of Poland gained from over 40 years of practical experience in analysis, characteristics and classification of different types of wastes, both industrial and municipal, determination of recycling and utilization methods for different waste types which they utilize into practical applications in waste management providing services and expertise to local, regional and state authorities, regulators and businesses, such as development of waste management programmes for local and regional governments, optimization of municipal waste management systems, consulting services on the selection of waste management technologies, development of technological concepts and feasibility studies for waste management facilities, evaluation of waste management alternatives, waste analyses etc. Experience of IETU also includes environmental assessments of innovative technologies. It refers to assessment of overall environmental impacts and using the Life Cycle Thinking approach and environmental technology verification (ETV). IETU is also an experienced partner in communication, promotion and dissemination in activities leading work packages in several EU projects.

6 Kossutha Str. 40-844 Katowice Poland
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Contact personPhoneE-mailRole
Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska +48 691-866-888 [email protected] Project coordinator in IETU
Involvement in the project • Contribution to the analysis of the value chains including identification of the needs of stakeholders along the value chain, especially end-users and to develop a sound quintuple innovation helix model including industry, research and education, government, general public and environment
• Contribution to the development and testing of the knowledge-based ICT platform for waste-to-product value and supply chain and BIM system for planning, utilization and monitoring of in-built SRM based construction products
• Testing in real-scale the CinderCEBM based on the CinderOSS service in Poland
• Leading the activities to actively communicate, disseminate and raise awareness among the relevant actors through workshops, on-line questionnaires, practical demonstration, conferences and other informational channels
• Contribution to the assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impacts of new value and supply chains and technologies including ETV methodology and LCA approach and sustainability assessment